Do you have a client that is in need of a third party benefit administrator or looking to make a change from their current administrator? Learn a bit more about ASIFlex. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do both for participants and clients. We are highly responsive and have over 30 years’ experience in providing FSA, DCFSA, HSA, HRA, and Commuter benefit services.

ASIFlex Services

ASIFlex provides FSA, HRA, HSA and Commuter Benefit Program administration services.

ASI COBRA provides COBRA and Direct Billing administration services.

Who We Are and Who We Serve

Application Software, Inc. (ASIFlex) is a privately-held Missouri corporation founded in 1983 and has been administering pretax employee benefit programs since 1987. ASIFlex is the leading administrator of pretax employee benefit programs to state government entities in the nation.

We provide third party benefit administration services to over 400 clients located nationwide in 38 states. This includes private companies, state governments, City and County groups, and university/educational institutions.

Our clients include entities as large as 45,000 benefit eligible employees and others with fewer than 500 benefit eligible employees.

The ASIFlex Difference

Rapid Claim Payments

Next Day Processing and Payment. Expedited claim processing and payment is the normal reimbursement cycle for ASIFlex clients. ASIFlex offers rapid claim processing with most claims processed and paid within one day. During peak periods, claims are processed within two to three business days.

Customer Service

Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do. ASIFlex and ASI COBRA focus on providing the highest level of customer service to both participants and clients. With exceptional customer service and support teams, ASI is known as the go-to company in the third party benefit administration industry.

Forward-Thinking Technology

ASI utilizes our own IT staff of programmers and technicians to develop and support our core processing systems, including websites and online open enrollment. This provides us the flexibility to be responsive to client needs and to incorporate new technologies into our systems.

Experience You Can Count On

ASIFlex has been administering account-based plans for over 30 years. This includes FSAs, HRAs, HSAs and Commuter Reimbursement Benefits. It’s quite simply who we are and what we do. We know this business inside and out so you don’t have to.

Commitment to Compliance

ASIFlex is known for their strict compliance to IRS Regulations. Our Compliance Team reviews your plan design to ensure that adherence to IRS regulations is maintained. We are also compliant with all applicable regulations contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). ASIFlex has adopted business practices to ensure that the privacy and security of participant and client data is maintained at all times.


At ASIFlex, we believe one size does NOT fit all. We are extremely flexible when we work with our clients to meet the needs of both administrators and participants. ASIFlex’s management team is committed to meeting the needs of the client, and its participants, and diligently works to improve the pretax programs available to all eligible employees.

Dedicated Account Services Team

ASIFlex assigns an experienced and dedicated service team to each client. Additionally, ASIFlex meets regularly with the benefit staff to discuss the overall success of the program and process improvements.

Live Customer Service

ASIFlex provides easy and direct access to customer service representatives. Callers are not forced to use an IVR system and, instead, receive “live help!” This means employees are able to ascertain answers to questions in very short order.

ASIFlex Card

ASIFlex provides an IRS-compliant debit card to facilitate the participant experience in the FSA program. ASIFlex anticipates that electronic adjudication rates for the program will exceed 80%, and could go higher if the client will work with ASIFlex to help communicate appropriate use of the card to FSA participants.

ASIFlex Cardless Pay Service

ASIFlex Cardless Pay Service - ASIFlex and FSA Store have teamed up to make the consumer shopping experience easier and more secure. With our Cardless Pay service, consumers shopping at FSA Store no longer need to provide credit or debit card numbers at check out. Payment to FSA Store will be made directly from the consumer’s ASIFlex account.

Email andText Alerts

ASIFlex provides many secure options for ongoing communications to participants to keep them informed of account status, reimbursements, and activity. We encourage email and text notifications as well as direct deposit for reimbursements.

Carrier Claim Files

ASIFlex optionally coordinates claims processing from multiple carriers and uses these feeds to issue reimbursements automatically or to substantiate debit card transactions.

Recurring Direct Pay

Participants can choose to have ASIFlex pay providers directly on a schedule they choose. This unique offering allows participants to schedule regular payments to providers for things like day care and orthodontics.

Participation Satisfaction

ASIFlex provides a seamless, hassle-free experience. Daily reimbursement, direct deposit and rapid processing ensure a timely and convenient process for participants (claims are typically processed within one business day of receipt).

Comprehensive Support

ASIFlex’s Account Services Team provides clients with clear, concise pre-enrollment and ongoing communications and support.

Employer Management Reports

Standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities are available to the client upon request.

Compliance Services

ASIFlex will provide the client with annual nondiscrimination testing through its experienced compliance team, as well as plan document and summary plan description development and support from its on-staff legal counsel.

Contact Us

To learn more about how ASIFlex can help your clients, or to request a proposal, send an email to [email protected].